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4 Alternative Endings Yes16Island"Azoic"

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Endings (16)

4 Bloody SwordTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 DoppelgangerTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Horible Black VoidTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 King's BattleTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Magic LightningTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Ring of DeathTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Talisman GameTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 The Crystal OrbTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 The Dragon KingTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 The DuelTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 The TitanTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Time TravellingTalisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Winner Takes it All (Dragon Master)Talisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Winner Takes it All (Eagle King)Talisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Winner Takes it All (Lord of Darkness)Talisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings
4 Winner Takes it All (Warp Demon)Talisman"Azoic"Alternative Endings